Welcome to our online store - we supply standard size products but if there is a specific size or design you require please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to design and create a customised product just for you.

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  • City Island, London

    Our customer wanted a Balcony Garden this was achieved with corten steel trays with corten stepping stones to access the planters to the rear of the balcony.

    Corten Steel Planters 
  • Bespoke Equipment Stand

    We were asked to design and manufacture a 3d resin printer stand with pull out bottom two shelves to allow easy access to the resin tank and accessories.

    Equipment Stands 
  • Corten Steel Window Pod

    These corten steel window pods are very popular with new builds and renovations. We are able to design and manufacture these to your specific requirements.

  • Forno Bakery, London

    Custom made planter fitted with a bike rack for customers to use with visiting Fornos bakery.

    Hospitality Planters 
  • Bespoke Planters

    These were custom made for the top of a low garden wall for the customer to fill with various planting to enhance the outside living area.

  • Do you have an idea???

    Is there a project or design that we could help you with?

    Please contact us to discuss your idea and then we will be happy to help you.

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